Pet health test

How does Koko help me identify genetic diseases in animals?

Many diseases that your pets can suffer from are due to mutations and alterations in the animals genome sequence. The results of the pet health DNA test with information on genetic and heritage diseases in animals identify whether your pet is a carrier, that is, whether it has a variant associated with these diseases in its DNA.

Your dog, unable to diet or read a medical prospectus, cannot take care of its health in the same way as a person. It is you, its family, who can reciprocate its love by monitoring its physical condition. Our canine DNA test will inform you if it has any genetic variant associated with a disease so that you can take the best measures you consider.

With the knowledge of the presence of variants associated with genetic diseases in dogs, we offer you a complement to ensure that your pet is in the best possible condition. In our results of your pets health DNA test, we will explain in detail the analyses performed so that the next time you have to go to the vet, you can take the care of your furry children one step further.

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