Physical traits

How does Koko help me identify physical genetic traits in animals?

Did you know that a large part of your physical and even psychological traits are defined by your genes? Did you think your dog would be different?

Its size, eye and coat color, and hair shape are conditioned by its genetics. But not only that, with our pet traits DNA test, you can also discover those characteristics that it doesnt know because its a dog and you dont see because theyre not visible. Its metabolism, the internal functioning of its body described by hundreds of genes. Unthinkable information until recently!

You will find out data about your pet that you never thought you could know. Especially him or her, because, well, its a dog, and it doesnt think about those things. Strengthen the bond you have, become the perfect owner, and resign yourself to the fact that many of those quirks that your four-legged friend has come from its genome.

Do you still not know the true nature of your dog?

Unlock the secrets of your pet's DNA with our two ranges.


Breeds + Physical traits


Health + Breeds + Physical traits

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