How does the Koko Genetics DNA test work?

It is very simple.

Order the genetic test for your pet by clicking on "buy".

Once you have purchased the DNA test for your pet, you will see a form where you can fill in the necessary details so that we can send you the kit to the location you indicate for receipt, as soon as possible and with the least inconvenience.

Once you have your pet's test, you must register it online.

Once you have your pet's DNA kit, we recommend that the first thing you do, even before collecting its saliva sample, is to create an account to register it. This is done from the QR code you will find in the instruction booklet or through the website When registering* the kit it is necessary to enter the registration code that you will see attached to the reservoir. We will send you an e-mail as soon as possible with a link that will allow you to download the necessary label to send your pet's saliva sample to the laboratory.
*Samples that arrive unregistered cannot be analysed.

Collect the saliva sample.

With the kit registered, the next step is to collect the saliva sample from the animal. The kit comes with two swabs for easy collection. They should be swabbed across the animal's mouth, touching the inside of the cheeks, to collect as much saliva and cells as possible. Be careful not to bite them or try to swallow them. The animal must not drink, eat or chew anything for 30 minutes before the sample is collected.

Shipping to the laboratory is at our expense!

Once you have registered the kit and collected your pet's saliva, the next step is to send us the sample. Print the label we sent you by email after registration and paste it on the outside of the plastic bag of your kit. Then, place the tube with the swabs in the cardboard box, and then put the box inside the bag. Once you have the package ready, take it to the courier office we indicate in the same email.

Receive the results and discover the secrets of your pet's DNA.

The average time to deliver the results, from the moment we receive the sample in the laboratory until we perform the analysis, is 4 to 6 weeks. Once we have the results, we will contact you to let you know that both you and your pet can access them using the user account created in the client area of the website. If there is any information that you do not want to know about your pet that we provide, you will have the option to block it from being visible in the results.

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