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What information do we provide you?

Health and diseases

The results of your pet's DNA test will tell you whether he has certain diseases or whether he has a genetic predisposition, a higher risk, of suffering from them. This is done by comparing its genome with that of other dogs registered in databases and analysing it on the basis of different published research and discoveries. Thanks to our test, you will be able to take the necessary measures to improve their quality of life, prevent or alleviate the development of pathologies and have this knowledge if you were to breed and have puppies.

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Physical traits

Once an archaeologist, when asked if he could tell from the skeleton of two dogs whether they were of the same species, after thinking about it, his answer was possibly not. Few species have as many varieties in their individuals as Canis lupus familiaris. Do you want to know what traits make your dog so unique, due to its genetics? With our test you will discover parts of your best friend that you would never have imagined.

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Dog breed DNA test

According to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, the world canine organisation, there are an estimated 343 different breeds of dog. But there are still many breeds that have not been registered even though other institutions and breeders claim they are independent enough to be considered unique. The test lets you know what percentage of each breed your dog is. Whether it is a pure pedigree breed or the most adorable animal ever put up for adoption, you will be able to confirm and know its origins.

Dog breed genetic test

How do we give you the results of your pet's DNA test?

Once we have your pet's results, you will be able to log in to our website intranet using your user login. We remind you that before accessing the report, you can block some sections if there is information about the animal that you do not want to know. Once you log in, you will see the report divided into three sections: Health, Traits and Breed. In each section you will be able to see the results of the animal with an explanation of what each item means and the possibility to review the scientific studies that deal with the topic you are interested in seeing (a specific disease, a breed...).

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Why do I need this information?

Your pet's genetic report offers a huge amount of information about his health, based on the genetic code. As their owner and family, they may not understand the results, but you will, and you will be able to make a series of decisions to improve their quality of life.

Identification of genetic predispositions to disease. Genetic testing can identify genetic pathologies in your pet, allowing you to take early preventive measures to avoid or delay the development of the disease.

Improved health. Some diseases we will not tell you their predisposition: we will tell you directly whether they are predisposed or not. With knowledge of your dog's diseases, steps can be taken to improve his overall health, such as proper diet, exercise and preventative medical care.

Although some diseases cannot be tested for, their predisposition and symptoms may differ between different breeds of dogs. Knowing which breed or breeds yours is can help you be more vigilant.

Personalised training. If your dog is a competitive dog or you plan to enter a competition, knowing the dog's genetic characteristics can help personalise training and make it more effective.

Identifying inherited traits. Genetic testing can help identify inherited traits in dogs, which can be useful in breeding and in selecting dogs for breeding.

Breed and lineage identification. Genetic testing can help identify the breed and lineage of a dog, which can be useful for entry into competitions and dog shows.

Out of curiosity, especially in adopted dogs, don't you want to know about your dog, that beautiful chaos of breeds, which are the predominant ones? Who could be his parents? We help you!

DNA Connect

Connect with other dogs through DNA.

DNA Connect is an innovative service from Koko Genetics that gives you the option to find other dogs that share DNA with your pet and are in our database. From close relatives, such as parents and siblings, to second cousins, you will learn more about the history surrounding your friend. It's a completely free tool included in all our kits - give it a try!

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DNA Connect

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