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Today, we have more knowledge about human genetics than we do about canine genetics. This, among other things, indicates that there is still much to be discovered about dogs. And were not going to stand still either. As a company with our own team of geneticists, we stay at the forefront by following the latest developments and seeking to improve. All while we are convinced that genetic information, even for animals, should be an option and not a privilege.

Within genetics, all your specialties are dynamic. Every week something new comes out, so staying old is a mistake. Thats why we will make updates bringing out new functionalities and services. We have a number of projects in development to improve the features and possibilities of our pet analysis. Among them, we can mention an application that allows to connect related dogs to each other.

We not only work on implementing new features. We create content on social networks and the blog to educate and teach in an entertaining way about the science that allows us to bring the data of their genes to your computer. It pains us to be aware that your dog will not be able to enjoy what we share, but we hope you will enjoy it.

The objective is clear: to offer the genetics service about your pet as if it were your own. And if there were any problems, do not hesitate to contact us. If you care so much for your pet, the least we can do is take care of you in the same way.

In short, we want to offer the most complete personal genetics service, always updated, so that you can simply consult with our team of professionals to answer any questions.

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