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Technology: Axiom™Canine HD Array de ThermoFisher

Since dogs are the most advanced animal species (sorry, cat lovers, but the facts are there), only the most advanced Thermo Fisher Scientific Microarray technology is worthy of studying your samples, with the Axiom Canine HD Array chip. We use an Array that allows us to analyze around 700,000 markers designed to improve the specificity and utility of the chips for clinical and breed study use. To avoid errors, we duplicate the interpreted probes, thus increasing reliability and ensuring that our quality and reproducibility standards are worthy of dogs. We have taken into account four key points:
  1. Robustness of the protocol.

    The technology we use in our studies has a reproducibility of >99%.

  2. Flexible but defined structure.

    Our work protocol includes the design of clinical research variants, markers that act as quality control (QC), and a flexible methodology that allows for adaptation to changes that may arise over time.

  3. Optimized work rate in time and performance.

    With years of experience behind us, improving and adapting, we have the methodology and processes fine-tuned and perfected. This allows us to guarantee not only the highest quality, but also the lowest possible time and economic costs.

  4. Focus on research and clinical practice.

    Our work is not only for you, our users. As we grow and expand our knowledge and data, with your consent we are able to improve our reports, and assist in research related to canine genetics.


The laboratory that helps us analyze your four-legged family members is Eurofins Genomics Denmark, the only laboratory in Europe capable of processing the high number of samples that we receive and process on a monthly basis. It is a reference laboratory in Europe with the following certifications:
  • ISO 17025: Accredited analytical excellence
  • ISO 13485: Oligonucleotides according to medical devices standard.
  • GLP: The gold standard to conduct non-clinical safety studies.
  • GCP: Pharmacogenomic services for clinical studies.
  • cGMP: Products and testing according to pharma and biotech requirements.

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