Silken Windsprite

The Silken Windsprite is a dog native to the United States. Physically, it is noted for its smooth, medium-length coat, with color variations that include shades of red, sand, silver-gray and black. It is known for its friendliness towards humans and its sociability with other dogs.

General details

The breed has a medium size and a balanced structure. The height in males is between 47 and 55 cm and in females between 44 and 53 cm. The weight of these dogs is 7 to 16 kilograms. Their life expectancy is approximately 14 years. The Silken Windsprite is not recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale as a unique breed (FCI).

Breed history in brief

The Silken Windsprite is a dog breed originating in the United States and its history dates back to the mid-20th century. Although it was not initially recognized as an independent breed, the work of breeders such as Walter A. Wheeler Jr. led to the founding of the Longhaired Whippet Association in 1986. Subsequently, in 2001, the International Longhaired Whippet Club (ILWC) was established and in Germany the Silken Windsprite Club (SWC) was founded in 2002. Finally, the German Kennel Club (VDH) recognized the Silken Windsprite as a purebred dog breed in the country. Today, the Silken Windsprite is valued for its elegant appearance, balanced temperament and adaptability as a family companion and show dog. Its popularity continues to grow in different parts of the world.

Breed characteristics

The Silken Windsprite is an athletically built dog resembling a Greyhound, with a deep chest, long neck and narrow waist. The eyes are medium sized, expressive and generally dark. The ears are of medium size, set high on the head and carried semi-erect or folded forward. The tail is long and slender, carried with a slight upward curve. The breed's coat is silky and of medium length all over the body, except on the neck, thighs, tail and ears where it is longer. The most common coloration is red or sand. The Silken Windsprite is noted for its gentle and peaceful character. It is an obedient dog, which maintains a good relationship with other dogs. It may be reserved with strangers and, despite being active, it is usually calm at home. In open spaces, he loves to play and run with his humans and other dogs, competing in speed.

Common health problems

The Silken Windsprite, with optimal care and attention, can enjoy a long healthy life, although it is predisposed to certain health problems. Among the most common diseases or disorders are hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, cataracts, corneal dystrophy, von Willebrand's disease, epilepsy, Collie eye anomaly and drug hypersensitivity.

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