Shandong Xigou

The Shandong Xigou is a Chinese dog breed known for its role in hunting activities. There are two varieties depending on the type of coat: short and long. They are loyal, energetic and intelligent dogs.

General details

The breed has a medium size, weighing between 16 and 30 kilograms, and a height ranging from 61 to 75 centimeters. The life expectancy of the Shandong Xigou breed is 10 to 14 years. The breed is not recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Breed history in brief

The Shandong Xigou is a breed of dog with an ancient and significant history in the Shandong region of China. Since the time of the Tang Dynasty, these dogs have been prized for their role in royal hunting activities, where thousands of soldiers used them to track prey in desert areas and fields. Over time, these dogs became valuable companions for both royalty and farmers, showing their versatility as hunting dogs and loyal guardians. Dog racing has contributed to the protection and promotion of the breed, as well as enriching people's leisure lives. Over the centuries, the Shandong Xigou has left a lasting mark as a noble and skilled dog, an integral part of the history and traditions of the Shandong region of China.

Breed characteristics

The Shandong Xigou is a breed with two varieties of coat and physical characteristics. The short-haired variety has thin, droopy ears and eyes that can be of different colors, such as black, red, gray or blue. The tail is flexible and swings in a circle. The long-haired variety has a long, narrow head, large eyes and droopy ears. The body is elongated and the tail hangs low and curls at the end. The coat can be long or short and can be colored in black, brindle, white, gray or red. The Shandong Xigou is a courageous, energetic and loyal dog, with a protective attitude towards its family and territory. They are intelligent and affectionate dogs, but can also be reserved with strangers. With proper socialization, they are reliable and devoted companions.

Common health problems

Information on the most common diseases in the Shandong Xigou breed is limited. Even so, it is likely to be predisposed to some of the most common disorders in dogs such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, allergies and eye problems.

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