German Wire-haired Pointing Dog

The German Wirehaired Pointing Dog is a hunting dog breed of German origin. This breed is known for its great tracking ability, its intelligence and its hard and resistant coat.

General details

According to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the weight of a male German Wirehaired Pointing Dog is between 25 and 32 kg, while the weight of a female is between 20 and 27 kg. In terms of height, males measure 60 to 68 cm, while females measure 58 to 66 cm. The average life expectancy of this breed is approximately 12 years. This breed belongs to Group 7, which includes pointers.

Breed history in brief

The German Wirehaired Pointer, or German Wirehaired Pointer, is a breed of hunting dog originating in Germany, developed in the 1800s for hunting birds and small mammals. It was created from a combination of breeds such as the Pointer, German Foxhound, Griffon Korthals and Pudelpointer. Originally, this breed was developed for hunting in any terrain, but also to serve as a companion and protector of its owner. During World War II, many of these dogs were used by the German army for detection and tracking, thanks to their great scenting ability. Today, the German Wirehaired Pointer is valued as a hunting dog and as a faithful companion in the home. Because of its intelligence and learning ability, it is also used in rescue work and as a guide dog. In addition, it is a popular breed in dog shows.

Breed characteristics

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a medium to large sized, muscular and well balanced dog. His eyes are dark and cheerful in expression, and his ears are medium in size and set high. The tail is carried horizontally or slightly raised, in a sabre shape. Their coat is rough and harsh, with a soft, dense undercoat, which protects them from the cold and damp. The coat of this breed comes in shades ranging from dark brown to black and white, and they have a particularity: their eyebrows and beard give them a "wise dog" appearance. They are robust and hardy dogs, with a great capacity for endurance and an excellent sense of smell. These dogs have an energetic and playful personality, are loyal, affectionate and protective of their family, although they can be reserved with strangers.

Common health problems

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a relatively healthy breed of dog. However, like many other dog breeds, they can be predisposed to certain genetic diseases such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, Wobbler syndrome, von Willebrand's disease and some eye disorders such as cataract and entropion.

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