Curly Coated Retriever

The Curly-coated retriever is a breed originating from England and bred as a working dog. Physically, it is characterized by its curly coat and small, hanging ears. They are also very intelligent and friendly.

General details

The breed has a medium size and elegant carriage. Males can weigh between 38 and 45 kg, while females range between 30 and 40 kg. The height in males is between 63 and 69 cm and in females between 58 and 63 cm. Their life expectancy is 10 to 12 years. The Curly-coated retriever belongs to Group 8 of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), which includes hunting retrievers and lifters, and water dogs.

Breed history in brief

The Curly-coated Retriever is one of the oldest Retriever breeds, dating back to the early 19th century in England. The specific origin of the breed is not confirmed but many experts claim that this breed descended from the English Close-curled Water Spaniel, the St. John's Newfoundland and the Old Water Spaniel. For a long time these dogs accompanied game wardens because of their hunting and working abilities. In addition, this breed is very hardy and versatile, making them ideal for working in harsh weather conditions. The Curly-coated retriever lost popularity with the appearance of the Labrador Retriever.

Breed characteristics

The Cobrado de Pelo Rizado is a robust breed. Its head is wedge-shaped, with large, oval eyes, black or brown in color. The ears are small and pendulous, and the tail is carried straight at the level of the topline when in motion. Their small, tight curls cover almost their entire body except for the face area and the front of the legs, which retain straight hair. The usual coloration is black or dark brown. Some have a white spot, but breed standards consider this undesirable. As for the behavior of this breed, they usually require a lot of attention and physical activity, especially outdoors and in nature. These dogs are charming, gentle and kind to people, children and other pets, making them ideal family companions. However, with strangers they can be more distrustful and this makes them also suitable as watchdogs.

Common health problems

The curly-haired retriever, with optimal care and attention, can enjoy a long healthy life, although it is predisposed to certain health problems. Among the most common diseases or disorders are exercise-induced collapse and glycogen storage disease type IIIa. In addition to the aforementioned conditions, the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) recommends a cardiac and eye screening examination, as well as a series of tests to assess the following diseases: hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and elbow dysplasia.

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