Burgos Pointing Dog

The Perdiguero de Burgos is a Spanish hunting dog breed with great ability to track and retrieve prey. Known for its endurance, speed and keen nose, it is a loyal and hardworking companion.

General details

The weight of males varies between 25 and 30 kilograms, while females usually weigh between 22 and 27 kg. In terms of height, males measure between 62 and 67 centimeters, and females have a height of 59 to 64 cm. In terms of life expectancy, it is estimated that this breed lives between 10 and 14 years. According to the classification of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the Perdiguero de Burgos belongs to Group 7, which includes pointers.

Breed history in brief

The Perdiguero de Burgos is an ancient breed of hunting dog originating in Spain. Its history goes back centuries, being used by hunters in the Burgos region for hunting partridges and other game birds. Its origin lies in the mixture of local dog breeds with dogs brought by the Roman and Visigoth conquerors. It is highly valued for its endurance, intelligence and good sense of smell. The breed has undergone some changes over time to improve its hunting abilities, but always maintaining its physical structure and essential characteristics. Today, the Perdiguero de Burgos is still used as a hunting dog in Spain and other countries, standing out for its ability to work in difficult terrain and its natural hunting instinct.

Breed characteristics

The Perdiguero de Burgos is a medium to large sized dog breed with a robust appearance. Its body is strong and muscular. The head is large and its eyes are medium-sized, almond-shaped and dark hazel. The ears are long, triangular and hanging. As for its coat, the Perdiguero de Burgos has a short, hard fur that provides protection during hunting. Its predominant color is white, with red or fawn spots or mottling. The presence of spots or patches on the skin is a desired characteristic of this breed. One of the distinctive features of the Perdiguero de Burgos is its ability to track and show prey, thanks to its fine sense of smell and developed hunting instinct. They are active, energetic and tenacious dogs, capable of working in difficult terrain and adapting to different hunting conditions.

Common health problems

The Perdiguero de Burgos breed is characterized by good health. However, they are prone to develop certain disorders or pathologies such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, entropion, hypothyroidism and subvalvular aortic stenosis.

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